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 Welcome to mobile ENGLISH

Mobile ENGLISH is a language school chain specialized in providing individual language teaching services for clients at a place of residence or work. Lessons can be scheduled at any day and place from Monday to Sunday from 7.00 to 22.00

Mobile ENGLISH has developed an original language teaching method – the ILD – Individual Language Development. The goal of ILD is to optimize the time and effort of our learners in order to learn language as effectively as possible, so that every Student regardless of age and competence level can achieve rapid progress.

Mobile ENGLISH is an international language school chain specialized in providing language teaching services for clients at a place of residence or work. Our mission is to build a strong, innovative brand on the global market of language teaching services through constant improvement of teaching standards, effective customer service and employee management.

  • mobile ENGLISH individual – general English courses for adults and teenagers with various learning goals . We teach students at every age and language competence level. We also teach languages other than English.
  • mobile ENGLISH KIDS is an offer designer specifically for younger students. We realize that language development is extremely important since the beginning. We offer engaging lessons for children from the age of 5. English with mobile ENGLISH KIDS – a possibility for your child to learn and play in a pleasant atmosphere at home.
  • mobile ENGLISH business – lessons for professionally active people for whom a foreign language is necessary in business interactions. They include professional or technical language and Business English courses. We organize “in-company” trainings for businesses, institutions and corporations. We meet our Clients’ demands with flexible and conveniently organized trainings.



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Angielski z nativemEnglish with a native speaker.
Courses with native speakers. Specially for our Students we have prepared an offer of courses with teachers from English speaking countries, mainly form the UK and US.
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New! mobile ENGLISH offers courses from other European languages.
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